Hot Topic: Professional Errors and Omissions

Protect your business and your practice….

Professional liability insurance funds losses caused by errors or omissions in the rendering of services.

What does that mean?

Professionals are human and errors do occur. In medicine and science, the client benefits from the best course of action suggested by an experienced practitioner at the time the service is rendered. The best course of action, though, has some risk of failure.  It is wise to cover this potential.

Doctors, lawyers and certified public accountants (CPAs) come to mind when discussing malpractice insurance, professional liability, or errors and omissions insurance. BUT how about:

Architects, Engineers, Office Designers, Barbers, Dog Groomers, Bankers, Clergy, Web Site Designers, Software Producers or Computer Consultants, Contractors (project managers).

Any profession that provides a service instead of a product has a professional liability exposure. Almost any product includes some element of design.

If you provide a professional service, advise clients, act on behalf of a client, or provide an outcome or consequence rather than a specified product or completed operation, you need professional liability insurance.

Claimants and their legal counsel prefer to negotiate with an emotionally distraught practitioner than a dollars and cents experienced adjuster who knows the potential court outcome.

With reputation and time away from the practice already at risk, remove the strain of total financial ruin from the equation and get professional liability insurance.