How to Get the Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Young drivers need to start out on the right foot as soon as they get behind the wheel of the car. You can help by making sure your teen takes a high quality drivers education class and has plenty of experience behind the wheel before being allowed to drive alone or with friends. In fact, many states require new drivers to have an adult in the car.

Be sure to shop around for car insurance quotes for your teen, as an independent agent we can do the shopping for you, because as your know, rates vary among insurance companies. We will make you aware of all available discounts, and ways to reduce costs.

For example, some insurance companies offer discounts and savings for:

Excellent grades
A claims-free driving record
Passing a safe driving course
Owning multiple vehicles and insuring them through the same company

In addition to asking about discounts, consider the type of vehicle your young motorist will be driving. You will get better insurance rates if your teen driver is getting behind the wheel of a safe family sedan that is highly rated in crash statistics, rather than one with a powerful engine designed for fast acceleration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides data on the safest cars.

While you can expect your premium to increase when you add a teen driver to your policy, there are definitely ways to keep your costs down. That can give you peace of mind and less strain on your finances – a win-win for all.