Are you a snowbird?   At the MVR Agency many of our clients live in the northeast and have a second home in a warmer place for the winter.  They want to go away when the weather is cold and crummy then come back to have their home just the way they left it!

Have you heard of those awful stories about frozen pipes?  How does it happen? What can you do to never allow this to happen?  There is always pressure in your water lines so that when you turn on the faucet or the shower you have instant water.  When you go away in the winter you always leave the heat on an average temperature to keep the inside of the home safe from freezing.

If your burner fails due to loss of power or a malfunction, the temperature in your home can dip below freezing causing your water pipes to freeze up and burst.   Now the water starts to flow until someone discovers it!!!  In some cases it can happen for weeks!!

Almost always there is coverage available for frozen pipes, but it may not replace some or many of your personal cherished possessions. Why take a chance?  We can help you avoid this scenario.  We want you to go away in the winter feeling warm and protected.