Stop Water Damage Before It Starts!!

An effective way to help protect your home from costly water damage.

Flooding and water damage caused by aging, faulty and defective plumbing and appliances cost homeowners billions of dollars each year.  Washing machine hoses split, pipes freeze and burst, dishwashers leak, toilets overflow, and water heaters fail – all resulting in needless expensive property damage.  Often the property that is damaged is difficult or impossible to replace such as artwork, antique furniture, computer data, old photographs, and more.  Homeowner’s insurance helps defray some of the cost of losses and repairs, but cannot prevent loss or damage to your valued property.  It happens every day, so don’t leave your home unprotected.  For this reason we would suggest an automatic water shut-off system.  Systems such as WaterCop gives added protection from plumbing related water losses and is ideal for primary and vacation homes, condominiums and high-rise apartments.  This specific type of installation gives the homeowner added protection against floods and can significantly and effectively reduce the chances of property damage and may even help you to qualify for discounts on your home insurance premiums.

Systems like WaterCop is an automatic water shut-off system.  The system consists of an automatic valve and a network of flood and temperature sensors.  Flood sensors actively monitor predetermined and specific leak prone areas within your home and notify the WaterCop automatic valve when accumulating water is detected.  The WaterCop automatic valve installs on your main water supply line near where it enters the home and will automatically turn off  the water when notified.  This type of system can be activated by its sensor network, a remote soft touch switch, or most security or home automation systems via its auxiliary low voltage contacts.  Systems like the WaterCop also has temperature sensors to keep a close watch on your plumbing for you.  They monitor the temperature of a specific pipe, such as one leading to an outdoor sillcock or sprinkler system or pipes located in an attic or exposed crawl space.  When the temperature of the pipe drops below 38 degrees the sensor will alert the WaterCop to shut off the water supply, preventing the possibility of flooding from a burst pipe.  Although systems like these cannot protect a pipe from eventually freezing, WaterCop will help reduce extensive flooding if a pipe eventually bursts.

Systems like the WaterCop can easily be integrated into today’s most high tech homes for ease of use and total automation.