Jet Ski Insurance Cost and Quotes

Why call us for a Boat, Jet Ski or Watercraft Insurance Quote

Most insurance base policies are lacking when it comes to basic coverage for your Watercraft, be it Boat or Jet Ski.

Lets do a simple comparison:

Most companies’ base policy

Our Safeco base policy

Actual cash value (ACV) coverage Settles total losses at agreed value
(Keep this in mind the next time you quote Safeco Watercraft against a less comprehensive base policy.)
Has internal policy limits for wreckage removal and fuel spill coverage Includes coverage for fuel spill and wreckage removal at the limit of liability
Requires that all other coverages be endorsed at additional premium
  • Includes personal effects coverage for fishing gear and other personal property up to $750
  • Includes up to $500 for on-water towing and labor costs
  • Automatically covers items like water skis, safety equipment and marine electronics up to 10% of the insured hull value with unattached equipment coverage
  • Even covers pets in a boating accident

Additionally, We have Boatloads of discounts

In addition to great coverage, we offer a variety of discounts so you can see how inexpensive Safeco Watercraft insurance can be. Additional Discounts are available if you:

  • Have another Safeco policy
  • Take a safety course
  • Own a boat for a specified length of time (varies by state)
  • Own a home
  • Pay their premium in full
  • Have at least five years of boating experience
  • Are insuring a watercraft with a diesel engine
  • And more!

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